Choosing the Perfect Material for CNC Machining

by Chirag

Computer Numerical Control or CNC allows for manufacture of precision parts using automated processes. This technique has a competitive advantage over traditional manufacturing processes in terms of production rate, accuracy, and speed. There are several metal alloys and plastics available for CNC machining. However, selecting the perfect material for your upcoming project is not an easy process. Some of the factors you should consider are corrosion resistance, price, weight, cosmetic appearance, and workability.. These are some of the materials you should consider.

Ideally, this is a general-purpose aluminum that is used for bicycle frames, auto parts, sporting goods, and remote-control vehicle parts. It has similar characteristics to the aluminum allows. Moreover, it is resistant to the atmospheric corrosion and strength-to-weight ratio. Although the material has excellent machinability and workability, it is pricier as compared to other materials. Moreover, it does not perform well when it is exposed to chemicals.


This material is widely used in home décor, musical instruments, and plumbing fitting because of its easy workability and soft material. As a result of brass’s high polish, you will find it in cosmetic applications. When struck by another metal, it does not spark. This makes it perfect for use in potentially explosive environments. The main types of brass are free-cutting brass and naval brass. Ideally, naval-brass is harder to machine as compared to the free-cutting brass. However, it has excellent resistance to corrosion and can be polished easily.

Aluminum 7075

This is the strongest aluminum alloy you can find on the market. Due to the higher strength, it has poor workability as compared to 6061. In fact, you will find it to be difficult to bend into complex shapes. Also, you will find the material perfect for the automobile, aerospace, and recreational equipment parts. It can be used in applications where the metal frame will undergo continuous stress. If welding is needed, you should avoid using this material.

Magnesium AZ31

This is a magnesium alloy that contains zinc and aluminum. Ideally, it is lighter than aluminum but stronger. Unfortunately, magnesium AZ31 us quite expensive and widely used to make aircraft components. Although this material can be machined easily, it is flammable. Also, because of its high strength and lightweight properties, it can be used to make camera bodies, power tools, and laptop cases.

Stainless Steel 303

It is difficult to distinguish stainless steel 303 from regular stainless steel. Therefore, you ought to subject the material for confirmation. Other stainless steel alloys rest easily. Since stainless steel 303 contains sulfur, it is not suitable for heat treatment or cold forming. You can use this material to make bolts, gears, nuts, and bolts.


This is a popular material for CNC machining. Its properties include toughness, lightweight, and high strength. You can easily anodize and weld it for appearance and protection. However, it has poor electrical conductivity and does not polish well. Although titanium is abundant in the world, it is difficult to refine. Therefore, it is quite expensive. It is used for making parts for aerospace, bio-medical applications, and aerospace.

It does not matter whether you are making custom parts, industrial equipment, or kitchen appliances; you will find perfect materials for CNC machining. The above are only a few of the materials.


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