How To Choose The Best LED High Bay Lights

by Chirag

As a property owner, you have a responsibility to ensure it is well illuminated. However, how do you illuminate buildings with high ceilings? Such include warehouses, factories, gym facilities, and most arena.

All these facilities need illumination as high as 15 feet from the ground. Well, there are many lighting options to consider. The most popular of all being LED high bay lights.

Buying LED high bay lights is different from other sources of light. You’ll need to check its wattage among other features. The idea watts for these lights is 400W.

These are some primary areas to optimize. Be sure to get the best results.

  1. Brightness Levels

What level of brightness do you need in your facility? The lighting needs in a football arena will be different from that of a warehouse.

For example, a standard industry warehouse will do fine with a brightness level of 200 lux. But a detailed supermarket may require a stronger illumination. A brightness level of 300 lux to 600 lux would be ideal for them.

As such, the first strategy would be to identify the brightness level you need in your facility. Have an expert analyze the area. In this way, the experts will be able to simulate the strength of your bays and how to get to these lux levels.

  1. The Lumen Output

What’s the amount of light you need per square meter? In most cases, the cheap LED lights will produce smaller lumen per square meter.

The higher the lumen rating per LED light, the higher it’s brightness. The trick here is to know what you want and go for it.

Don’t fear to seek assistance and guidance when you need it.

  1. Color

The color of your led light determines its brightness. Led colors are measured in Kevin.

Once you go shopping, you’ll get different colors out there. These include a 5000 Kevin, 4000 Kevin and 3000 Kevin.

The recently led brands in the market bear 5000 Kevin rating. It’s also known as Daylight. It can produce white light same as the one you get from sunlight at midday.

The 3000 Kevin rating has a yellow color. It’s very common in hotels and coffee shops. It’s essential in creating the ambiance for your premises.

  1. The Beaming Angle

Where do you want your lights to face? Beaming can have a narrow or broader beaming angle.

For example, if you install a narrow beam lighting, it’ll concentrate its brightness towards a particular direction. It’ll, therefore, illuminate a large area.

A wider beam angle allows your light to illuminate in all directions. In the end, it’ll deliver low lux levels in all directions.

  1. The Driver Brand

What’s the life expectancy of your lighting option? If you choose a low-quality driver brand, it’ll last for two years.

However, a high-quality driver brand may have up to 10 years. These brands will have at least a five years warranty.

If you’re not specific about how to make the best selection, don’t hesitate from asking for help.

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