Dot Peen Marking Vs Laser Markers: What To Choose & Why?

by Chirag
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In some of our industrial applications putting the product, identity is mandatory that is why direct part making is required. The direct part making has the ability to mark the surface permanently and such marks can be acquired with two different types of marking technologies and methodologies that are available in the market.

It is not easy at all to choose the right marking technology for a specific application. Among all the applications there are two types of marking that is being used, the first one is Heat Sign dot peen marking whereas the second one is known as the laser markers.

The comparison between both that will be done in this article will enable you to choose the right option, the one that is going to facilitate you in the right manner. To make the right choice as per your requirements it is important to first understand that how both technologies work because this comparison will allow you to understand that for which application which marking technique is better and what are its operational limits.

The basic difference between dot peen marking and laser marking!

The dot peen marking technique uses a pinned tip that is made up of a rigid material like carbide to indent and emboss the part that is supposed to be marked. When punched, it leaves a small spot or a whole on the surface of the material which also affects the visual geometry and the roughness as well.

This indentation is done by an electronic mechanism system that can understand the two-dimensional axes i.e. X and Y to mark your desired dotted pattern on the material.

In comparison to the dot peen marking technology, the laser marking works with a bit more complex mechanism which works with a laser that is reflected with the help of two internal mirrors that are supposed to be controlled by a computer.

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Applications of laser marking and dot peen engraver machine

The dot peen marking is often used for the marking of a rigid material including metal, steel, and hard plastics. This technique is frequently followed in the automotive, aeronautics and steel industries.

The laser marking technique is also used for several materials like metal, ceramics, wood, and plastics. The one advantage in this technology is that its parameters such as wavelength, indent pressure can be controlled by the one who is operating it.

Types of markings you can do with them

Dot peen marking systems can do the marking that can be used as alphanumeric serial numbers, 2D barcodes, and the 1D barcodes. Writing contrast cannot be unfortunately achieved by dot peen marking.

Whereas, the type of mars a laser marker leaves are usually used as serial number and 2D barcodes with writing contrast.

Performance and the cost of marking

The one major advantage of dot peen marking is the low cost as compared to the other marking techniques. The investment in dot peen markers is highly profitable but at this stage, you need to note that there’s one recurrent cost that you need to bear is the replacement of the indentation pin that deteriorates quite quickly, if and only if used for unnecessarily complex marking.

The laser markers are usually higher in cost and especially the one that comes with greater flexibility of marking is quite costly. It can cost x5 time more than a usual dot peen marker and the greater is justified by the industrialists for acquiring the following advantages:-

  • No consumables are required
  • Low-level maintenance required
  • Allowance for writing contrast
  • High speed

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Also, laser markers don’t require recurrent purchase hence it is a onetime investment. The resolution of laser marking technology is fixed with the help of sizing the laser beam which is also easily modifiable and allows you the small marking with complete detailing. The marking frequency is quite high due to its dual mirror mechanism which makes the laser beam sweep on the complete surface of your part.

Which marking technology is best for you?

The dot peen marking technologies have been used for several years and still, it is an effective solution mainly because of its low cost of purchase and permanent solution for marking. However, laser marking technology has now become the new instant solution. It is considerable when you need a higher rate of performance that assures higher density, faster marking and most importantly you have a huge amount to invest.

There are various brands that have been selling marking equipment, let it be Heat Sign dot peen marking or any other seller for laser marking technology. You can get the one as per your needs and requirements.

Why The Electric Vibro dot peen Marking getting popular?

There is another introduction with the dot peen marking technology that is the pneumatic dot pin marking solution that has already been picked up by many industries and is used vastly. Manufacturers are using this for specifically the engraving tasks. It has some constraints including the use of air compressor continuously.

To overcome such obstacles, companies have come up with different solutions that are making it more efficient and easy to use. There is an electric dot peen marking machine that is also known as the vibro pin. This machine is automated and does not require the use of an air compressor. The electric device which is fitted into it is automated and can be used via touch screen software panel because it is integrated with the same device.

This machine can also function without the need to connect with a computer and it is now said to be the best option for etching. It can also be used for hard engraving truck chassis, number plates, motorcycle parts, automotive and aerospace parts.

Final Verdict!

In this blog, we have discussed in detail around everything related to the dot peen marking machine and the laser markers. After reading this detailed article you should be easily able to distinguish between both the marking technologies, how they are different from each other?, how they work?, how much do they cost?, which is the best for you?, which one should you go for?, how advancements have modified each one of them?

These were some of the most important questions that were discussed with the answers in this write-up. If you liked them then don’t hesitate to comment below and share it with your relevant friends who might be about to make a decision.

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