Advantages of OEM Parts over Aftermarket Truck Parts

by Chirag
aftermarket truck parts

It is obvious that motor vehicles will at one point breakdown; with trucks, not an exception. But when repair time comes, as a truck owner you will always find yourself wondering whether to go for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or the aftermarket truck parts. There are several factors to mull over when buying truck accessories to replace a broken one. But before making a choice on which part to buy, allow us to take you through the advantages of OEM truck parts over aftermarket parts.

  1. OEM Parts Have Better System Compatibility Than Aftermarket Parts

Today, most of the trucks you see around use exceptionally sophisticated technology. There is an increase in the use of a digital sensor to monitor, record, collect and ensure a smooth operation of these trucks; especially those trucks used for commercial purposes. Thus, when replacing any component in such a truck, you need to ensure the parts you’re using is compatible.

For OEMs, priority software is used when manufacturing commercial truck parts. Meaning, the spare parts you get at the Howo truck dealer shop will automatically fit in the system just like the one getting replaced. But with aftermarket parts, their manufactures might not have used the correct code to make that spare part. Such will bring a difference in your truck performance afterward or incompatibility issues.

  1. OEM Parts Have Better & Reliable Distribution Than Aftermarket Parts

Whether you are looking for Semi or heavy-duty truck parts, buying them from dealer centers is the easiest and most timely thing ever. For example, ordering for a repair part from aftermarket dealer might take you weeks before it’s shipped to you. But with OEM dealers, these companies have been in service for many years, and thus they have refined distribution network and supply chain.

aftermarket truck parts

  1. The Quality of OEM is Better Than That of Aftermarket Parts

Quality means excellent functionality and fit-in. Whether you’re buying flexible pipes, injector pump brackets, landing gear legs, cabin, piston rings, air spring chamber or any part, OEM parts will never fail you. They are made with high precision, quality and fine-tuned material alloys that make them the best match. Installation of OEM will forever match the broken Sino truck parts.

  1. Choosing OEM Parts is Easy than Aftermarket Parts

With aftermarket truck parts, you will always have to mull over different prices and brands before settling on one part. Such is because different manufacturers have the same product. But with OEM dealers, there is only one brand of the part you need. If you need a cabin, piston ring or any other part, the attendant will offer you one brand. Meaning, the part you get is a replica of the type used during the manufacturing time, and all you’re doing is replacing it. You will not have to spend much of your time mulling over different brands and prices.

  1. OEM Parts Have Better Warrant and Support compared to Aftermarket Parts

If you take your truck for repair at the dealer center, they will offer you a warrant for the truck accessories you’re buying. In case of any failure, they will be willing to stand by you. Secondly, they will give you any professional support you need to ensure your truck gets back on the road in the best way possible. Lastly, with OEM parts you have assurance and peace of mind that you’re getting the original replacement.

aftermarket truck parts


Anytime your Howo truck breaks down, think of how to get OEM parts before stepping on that aftermarket truck parts dealer. Such will save you from the disappointments of quality, compatibility, easy fitting, and warrants. Every truck manufacturer as his or her dealer shop, contacts them for directions or further advice.

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