How to Choose a Server and a Server Rack

by Chirag

If you started your business a while ago and now you have a network server, congratulations! You must have worked hard. First, purchase your server rack cabinet from, a reliable company that manufactures different types of server racks to house your server.

However, it’s essential to use an expert when deciding what type of server rack you need to avoid buying the wrong server rack. Therefore, gather the qualities you’re looking for in the best server racks and proceed to purchase.

Wait, what is a server?

Unlike a desktop computer which supports one user, a server is designed to sustain many users. Therefore, it has a specialized Operating System engineered to run emails, messages, and database concurrently.

Also, a server enables your employees to share data. For example, if one employee collects data processes it and then send it to the accountant, the two can do so via the intranet hosted by the server. Surprisingly, a server backs up your data, ensuring that you’ll never lose information if you lose or damage your laptop. Indeed, you need a server and a server cabinet to set it in.

So, how do you choose one?

There are two types of server: cloud and physical server.

  1. Cloud Server

A cloud server is a system where you store your database and other documents on the cloud. As a business owner, you don’t have direct access to the cloud server, but your service provider does. Nonetheless, you can’t rely on this type of server entirely.

  1. Physical Server

There are three types of physical server: blade, tower, and rack. Choosing any of the three servers depends on the size of your business. For example, a tower server is ideal for a small company composed of 15 or fewer employees. In this case, you can buy a small server cabinet to store your server.

Server Rack

The advantage of tower servers is they allow expansion as your business grows and can support virtualization.

However, as your business grows, it is better to upgrade your server system by buying a rack server. Rack server takes less space as compared to tower servers. Also, consider purchasing an adjustable server rack to store your rack server.

Additionally, consider the equipment which you’ll install your server to and buy a rack based on the number of them. For example, you should have a server, hub, switch, and other devices. So, buy a 12u rack cabinet because it will fit your server and other equipment and provide space for future stuff.

Another type of server is the blade that is ideal for large businesses. Nonetheless, they require a cooling system, which is why you need to buy a server rack with a cooling feature. The blade is a space-efficient server and so is its rack.

Importance of Rack Server Cabinet

After purchasing a server, it’s essential to buy a server rack to house it. A rack server ensures that your server works efficiently because they have a cooling system and allows you to organize your communication system.

Therefore, inspect the qualities of your server (a type of server, function, and cooling requirement) before buying a server cabinet.

Server Rack

Take Away

When a business reaches a point of needing a server its exciting because you know its growing. Therefore, consider the above tips when buying one and ensure you buy a server rack to house it.



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