The Primary Forms Of Sandwich Panels

by Chirag

A sandwich panel is a popular form of insulation. It is typically made of three materials. There are two metal sheets and core material. The core is made up of insulating material. Insulated sandwich panels come in a wide range of designs. From roof sandwich panels to ceiling panels, the market features several types of sandwich panels. This post will cover some of the primary sandwich panel types.

Types of sandwich panels

The following are common forms of sandwich panels based on the type of core material;

1. Polystyrene sandwich panels

These are a relatively new type of sandwich panel made with polystyrene as the core material. They are also made up of steel plates on each side of the sandwiched polystyrene. The three components of polystyrene sandwich panels are bonded with high intention adhesive. This is done at high temperature and pressure via an auto forming device. Note that polystyrene sandwich panels are also referred to as eps sandwich panels.

2. Polyurethane sandwich panels

Like eps sandwich panels, polyurethane, also referred to as PU sandwich panels, are relatively modern insulation panels. They are multi-functional construction materials made up of polyurethane foam as the core material and two steel plates on each side of the core. The steel plates and the core material are bonded with intension adhesive at high pressure and temperature. This is also done through an auto-forming contraption. PU insulation panels are lightweight, load-bearing, and highly flexible. They also feature excellent sound and heat insulation.

3. Mineral wool sandwich panels

They are one of the oldest types of sandwich panels on the market. These panels are comprised of two layers of weather-color plating plates. The plates are either made of steel or aluminum. Their core material is made using mineral wool. This is one of the best fireproof insulation materials on the market. Mineral wool sandwich panels are highly used in roofs and walls. They are also common in large factories, storage facilities, freezing stores, and cleanrooms. Their uses are primarily centered in the industrial setting. This is because of their excellent heat insulation, weight-bearing, and waterproof elements.

Other types

Sandwich panels can also be categorized based on the application area. In this category, below are the top forms of sandwich panels;

4. Ceiling sandwich panels

These sandwich panels are made up of two sheets of metal and are insulated with polyurethane foam. They are usually installed after the roods and gutters are put in place. Therefore, they are used to cover the ceiling. These sandwich panels act as heat and sound insulation.

5. Floor sandwich panels

These panels are usually installed on the floor. Their role is to protect a room or facility from heat penetration. Some floor sandwich panels are sometimes made from insect and pest-resistant material.


Other than the types of sandwich panels listed above, there are also wall sandwich panels. These panels also differ based on the brand. The best sandwich panel brands manufacture each of the types of panels above and more. The range of variety allows you to pick according to your needs.

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