10 Top Reasons To Choose An LCD 3D Printer

by Chirag
Resin 3D Printer
Resin 3D Printer

Creality, a seasoned and consumer-oriented company, comes up with yet another intriguing and affordable 3D printing machine- the Resin 3D Printer. This is a unique and easy to use resin printer that rapidly and smoothly grants fine prints to your resins while maintaining minimized time and ensuring a beautiful and realistic look. 

Furthermore, the printer is loaded with unique and superior capabilities that enable it to produce models that beat the user’s expectations, excelling far above its competitors. This is due to Creality’s long-term presence, and it’s experienced engineers. Due to the saturated market, here are some reasons why this printer is the best option:

Reasons to use this Printer

  • Speed and multitasking abilities

The printer exerts 18 seconds to form a layer, while working maximally. Furthermore, it can perform more than one printing tasks at once. This means that several models can be printed at once thus saving time and ensuring high performance.

  • Indoor Use

Creality aims to satisfy the consumer with not only the product but also convenience. They made this printer to be supported for interior use. It features a filter system (with perforations, carbon, and fans) that eliminates odor, thereby facilitating the convenience of the user and lowering the level of maintenance required.

  • Creality’s Package

The printer is quite affordable and also suitable for those printing for the first time. The product also comes along with some gloves, masks, spatulas, manual, screws, and a filter. Creality is also outstanding when it comes to their printers, not only in this brand but also in their other products.

  • Smooth and Detailed Output

The models produced from this printer are smooth with well-made details, which leaves little to no clean up of the model after printing. Models made with this printer are mostly without incompleteness and rough edges.

  • Sturdy Acrylic Frame

The cover of the printer is about 45mm thick. It serves as a durable protector to the printer, a measure to protect the resin from Ultraviolet rays and a means to prevent the odor of the resin from getting out.

  • Uniform Lighting System

Ultraviolet lights are uniformly and stably distributed across when producing the model leading to a successful, better, and uniform look. Hence, it makes your models look uniquely exceptional.

  • Classic, Effective and Convenient

The printer doesn’t only produce quality output, but it also possesses classy and friendly features. For instance, the interface is touchscreen and colorful, supporting the Chinese and English languages. It offers easy to comprehend mode of operation. The noise, and vibration produced while working are less. The machine is easy to maintain, while fostering high performance, durability and support the use of various kinds of resins.

  • Leveling

Creality has made this printer even easier to operate as leveling the platform to the resin bowl has been made quickly. The user has to first loosen the resin bowl and remove it, loosen the platform, place it on the screen and tighten it. Then printing can begin.

  • Resolution

The 2k resolution produces better quality, good speed and better finishing with its 0.01-0.05 precision.

  • Other Quality Reasons

This machine prints also through WiFi and has perforations in the plate while being technically structured with high quality and good motion. It can carry out large prints very fast, too. The choice of a USB port instead of an SD card and it’s location on the device are very convenient.


The Resin 3D Printer is an affordable printer that makes smooth resin models that are durable and easy to make while still maintaining convenience, a little level of maintenance, and durability. The user only needs to make beautiful and smooth designs.

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