What Is Paint Removal Using Laser?

by Chirag
Paint Removal
Paint Removal

We have learned that laser removal refers to the process of scraping off material from the surface through irradiating it via a laser beam. Companies in the business of laser removal paint have industrialized the pros of touchless precision in various industrial applications. To be more precise, pulsed lasers are often used for the said processes. So what does the process of laser paint removal entail?

Background Information

In this context, the removal of paint using a laser is a detailed process via which paint layer is scraped off from the surface without causing damage to the substrate. Also known as laser coating removal, the beam will be pulsed on the area with some precise energy density. The paint vaporizes, thereby leaving the surface intact.

Where Paint Removal Should Be Applied

Paint removal using laser machines can always be applied to any type of metal, although the common application is steel. It may also be useful in various elements, such as powder coating as well as e-coating. The process can intensely be constructive for additional applications such as mould cleaning and rust removal.

Why Should You Choose Laser Paint Removal For your Projects?

It is costly to damage surfaces when removing paint as this can largely give you a large number of scrap rates while diminishing the life span of the structures. And unlike other methods of removal, laser surface cleaning may be fine-tuned for removal.

For Different Production Lines

Automotive manufacturers say that about 5 per cent of their parts car parts including wheels and brake pads have slightly minor defects in the manufacturing process. So scrapping the parts is costly, cleaning is automated, and it does not need high levels of maintenance too.

This is as opposed to the abrasive blasting methods; metal laser cleaning is automated. It also does not require maintenance between the parts, which eliminates the time for every preparation on every part while reducing the total average time that is spent on every part.

Used In Refurbishing Applications

If you have expensive equipment, you must treat it with caution not to diminish its life span. A laser paint stripping is an ideal choice when it comes to refurbishing pricey structures including electrical towards as well as power plants such as hydro and gas.

Creating a Safer Workplace

There are several hazards at your workplace that may result in injuries. Therefore, paint removal can be safely integrated to avoid issues in the retail store. There are paint stripping methods with more inherent risks. For instance, you would like to remove a coating via media blasting. Therefore, you need to own a room that actually meets some standards:

  • Take appropriate measures to share safety information. You can incorporate safety training sessions and stickers.
  • Workers need to wear protective gear and proper hearing protection

Final Thoughts

Laser paint removal is a crucial part of the steel processing business. For decades, blasting techniques have been utilized for surface preparation. However, conventional blasting has been a preferred method too. Besides, processing wastes have been known to cause different environmental issues, and in recent years, cleaning has intensely attracted extensive research effort for the comparison with traditional cleaning techniques.

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