Why NovaStar Has Introduced a New LED Solution

by Chirag

NovaStar, the manufacturer ofNovastar VX4S, has been in the market for more than five years. The company which produces professional LED display controllers recently introduced a new product into the industry. The new ThunderView coaxial has a low latency solution that includes the S1 controller and the receiving card, which is known as the V1 video processor that is prominent for its high speed. The device is also known for its stability. 

Additional Features of NovaStar

The new product features different specifications that enhance the product quality of the device. ThunderView will apply to various scenarios with a high requirement for signal synchronization coupled with stability, including television broadcast, fine indoor pitch applications, and security monitoring. 

Over and above, the new device, which is also the controller from the company, will help evade unstable elements in the LED display configuration by controlling the sending box, video processor, and the computer. 

The internal parts will also get controlled in different ways, via the same device. Because most of the controlling activities can be complex to operate, compatibility problems often arise.

In such moments, the new NovaStar product’s super loading capacity comes in handy with a loading capacity of about 2 million pixels.

The device also comes with a pixel of 3400 and can accept HDMI.

Additional features of Novastar

  • The new product comes with a knob and button. This means that you will not need a laptop or computer to use it.
  • Additionally, it comes with a Hot Backupthat completes the system without a configuration.
  • Perhaps one of the most admired features of this product is the splicing function. The feature helps to come up with solutions for asynchronous videos from sending boxes.
  • Finally, it comes with a seamless cutting coupled with a fade-in switching port that supports POP.

Why invest in it?

You already know that the tech market is flooded with different products of the same line or use. For that reason, you need to research a product before spending your hard-earned money on it.

In the case of Novastar VX4S, you should be aware of its competitors and other related products manufactured with the same design but are of different quality.

  • The loading capacity is about 2 million pixels
  • It supports controller montage for a huge loading screen
  • It also supports the new-generation point, which is fast
  • You do not need to configure it with a computer
  • The system needs a single knob for operation
  • It can adopt a new architecture that can implement various smart configurations
  • The screen dug can easily get completed 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line for choosing a top-notch Novastar VX4S is understanding its specs. As you can see, the new product comes with several pros defining its ability to serve its purpose. The features of this product make it likable and highly usable, not just novice but seasoned consumers. If you are still wondering why you should purchase this product, this blog post should help debunk its myths. 

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